In order to download the pdf catalogs you first have to click on the navigation to view a brief description of the catalog and then while viewing you should have a download button as shown in the image below.
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If you find something you like and want to find it in our on-line shop just take note of the product number located at the bottom of the description in the catalog to the left of the price as shown in the image below, then search for that number in our shop. Note: Expected date for all of the products to show up in the on-line shop should be no later than Jan 14, 2017. If your product(s) is not listed on the website contact the shop owner with the product number(s), and the product(s) name. DO NOT send any credit card info! You will receive a PayPal® invoice in your email to complete the transaction.
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The World of Products catalog contains all of our products. Over 2500 of them! Read through this catalog at your leisure.
Everything in the Big Value Catalog is $19.95 or under! Bargains abound with this one.
The Bayberry Collection is an assortment of decor and styles to accent your home and garden.